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Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes and Cremation Services


As a family owned exclusive Cremation-With-Care provider, they understand what’s most important for families is guidance & understanding. Their professional staff is there to meet your needs before, during & after an unfortunate loss.

Tragically, disaster struck in 1952 when a 7-alarm fire tore through Dormont. Although much was lost, the family salvaged what they could before rebuilding what still stands today: an elegant chapel.

The Beinhauer Story

Beinhauer Family Funeral & Cremation Services have long been a cornerstone of Pittsburgh. As industry leaders, they provide customized funeral and cremation services that honor the lives of those they serve with dignity and care. Their staff strives to uphold this tradition of excellence as they deliver to each family with personalized assistance they require during a difficult time.

In 1910, the Beinhauers relocated their home and business to its current location at 2630 West Liberty Avenue in Dormont – across Brookline Junction within Pittsburgh’s South Hills – near Brookline Junction in Dormont – Dormont community within South Hills of Pittsburgh. A large home was constructed as a funeral parlor and family residence with livery stables to house carriages used to transport bodies for funerals. This marked their first time combining all their facilities into one location, where they continue operating today.

In 1952, tragedy struck when a seven-alarm fire completely gutted their mortuary building. But despite these tragic losses, Beinhauers rebounded by building their funeral parlor on the same spot where their original mortuary once stood; this site remains their central location today and continues to be improved upon over time.

Today, the Beinhauer family operates five funeral homes and a cemetery, including a community mausoleum in Allegheny and Washington Counties of southwestern Pennsylvania and two pet cemeteries near Pittsburgh. Their facilities are known for offering personalized funeral and cremation options and pre-planning services.

Beinhauer Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services will assist in creating a stunning Remembrance Gathering to memorialize your loved one, whether that’s through traditional or cremation services. Their expert listeners will ensure a genuinely thoughtful tribute. Their services are affordable yet honest – working closely with each family member so their wishes can be honored.

Cremation Urns

After your loved one has been cremated, the crematorium will typically return their ashes in either a plastic bag or wooden urn for you to keep as keepsakes. Alternatively, you can select an elegant cremation urn to display their remains, available in many shapes and sizes from simple to ornate, with storage capacity for keepsakes if desired. There is also a wide variety of colors, finishes, and materials available, ranging from ceramic to stainless steel as well as animal-themed options available to choose from.

Urn capacity is measured in cubic inches; most adult urns hold approximately 200 cubic inches. Knowing the approximate body weight of your loved one can help narrow down your choices and determine which size urn to purchase.

Display the urn at home by placing it on a mantle, niche, or another suitable location, or scatter the ashes instead. Either way, the burial of a pot on your property (if applicable or with permission from its owner ) is permitted, or you can bury it at a cemetery or crematorium, should that be your preference.

Certain cremation urns are more sculptural and artistic than others, offering you a selection of materials like natural clay, plant fibers, recycled paper, and maple as eco-friendly options. You could also buy one to resemble something dear, like a teddy bear or hourglass.

Finally, token urns are ideal for memorializing small amounts of cremated remains shared among family members or friends.

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Planning for funeral arrangements for yourself or a loved one requires many decisions to be made in an after-death scenario; by pre-planning your funeral, you can ensure your wishes are carried out exactly how desired and allow family members to focus on grieving and healing without the added stress of trying to guess what was once expected of them.

Beinhauer Family Funeral Homes of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides funeral and cremation arrangements. Their staff prides itself on extending a tradition of personalized service and support during times of loss, helping families create unique tributes that honor their loved one’s memory while offering caskets, urns, and keepsake jewelry selections.

Beinhauer Family Funeral Home & Cremation Services are known for their honest and competitive prices. With both direct cremation and traditional services available to meet every family’s individual needs and offering scattering options, Beinhauer is here for you.

Preplanning with Beinhauer Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services allows you to save money by locking in a rate, protecting against inflation, and providing your family with financial security. They are an authorized provider of prearranged funeral policies with exceptional customer service as a top priority.

Beinhauer Family Funeral and Cremation Services strive to offer compassionate, tailored funeral and memorial services at an affordable cost. Their services include traditional visitations, funeral or memorial services,s and casket or urn burials, accommodating all faiths, cultures, and traditions – working to honor each person’s individuality while helping families create themed Remembrance Gatherings to remember loved ones by creating themed Remembrance Gatherings; they have become one of America’s Best Funeral Homes in recognition of this expertise in memory art.

Memorial Services

At this location, caring funeral service directors offer customized funeral services tailored to each family’s unique needs. Their specialized offerings include traditional funerals, simple cremation services, grief support and urn selection, and military burial flags for veteran burial services. In addition, this location also provides pre-planning services that include making burial arrangements, creating an obituary, and altering your memorial page, as well as costs, directions to cemeteries, and guestbooks – among many other pre-planning services offered.

Bridgeville cremation prices are known for being fair, reliable, and competitively priced. Every cremation performed meets with dignity and respect according to funeral standards set by certified cremation specialists; their commitment is to reward every family who contacts them by being attentive to every detail, providing superior courtesy and compassion, as well as honoring their traditions, cultures and financial means when meeting these requests.

Beinhauer-Dormont is widely known for its expertise in planning and creating memorials that capture the essence of your loved one, offering caskets, vessels, and keepsake jewelry for your family to choose from. As one of Pittsburgh, PA’s premier funeral, cremation, and cemetery services providers.

In 1915, the Beinhauer family relocated their home, funeral parlor, and liver stables to their current location at West Liberty Avenue in Dormont. Rebuilding of the funeral parlor ensued while Pittsburgh’s first crematory was built behind their home – giving way to the establishment being known as Beinhauer-Dormont Funeral Home.

Scott Beinhauer is the sixth generation to lead his family’s company. After graduating from Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science and becoming a licensed funeral director in 1996, he has held various leadership positions within his community. Scott currently manages day-to-day and total operations across all the Beinhauer family-owned locations; happily married and father to three young children, he firmly believes individual, personalized services bring more satisfaction than mass funeral services can. Also currently the Supervisor at Peters Township location as well as 2820 Washington Road McMurray PA locations