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All the Best Pet Care Tips


No matter the species, every pet needs daily care to remain happy and healthy. This includes providing healthy foods, keeping their space clean, providing access to clean water, and engaging in physical exercise.

Annual visits to your veterinarian are significant in helping prevent painful gum disease and bad breath in your pet. With vaccines, dental checks, or even just an enzymatic chew as part of an annual wellness package, regular vet appointments can ensure the best possible care and well-being.

1. Pet Food

Pets are more than fur or feathers for many Americans; they’re part of their families. No wonder so much money was spent on our furry and feathered companions during 2021 alone! Americans spent $123.6 billion!

The best products and services in the pet industry focus on improving pets’ lives by giving them everything they need for happiness, health, and safety – such as diet, enrichment toys, grooming supplies, and more. Offering such items in your business will demonstrate to pet parents that you care for the well-being of every animal, whether staying for boarding or just dropping by for grooming services.

Blue Buffalo makes their kibble from real meat as the primary ingredient, without artificial flavors or fillers, while Elanco provides plant-powered cleansers and moisturizers to promote pet health.

Pet food manufacturers typically focus on producing food for cats and dogs; however, other species like fish, small mammals (rabbits/guinea pigs/birds), and birds can also be catered to. The FDA/AAFCO typically regulates all but may not meet the same standards.

Modern pet products range from intelligent cat litter and sofa-style dog beds that help your furry friends remain calm and content when you can’t be there to innovative kitty litter trays for keeping them sheltered when you can’t. Walmart, PetSmart, and Target all sell these essential pet supplies; remember, third-party sellers may have different returns/shipping policies when shopping online than significant retailers.

2. Pet Toys

Your pet’s quality of life depends on having the appropriate toys. Mental stimulation and eliminating boredom, which often leads to destructive behaviors like chewing or scratching, are vitally important. Plus, playing with toys has been shown to support brain health and help ward off mental decline as they age. Be sure to purchase sturdy toys made with safe materials; Iram Sharma DVM from PupVine advises avoiding cheap plastic and rubber toys, which tear easily into pieces that could choke or obstruct their mouth, nose, or paws. Instead, opt for durable rubber and nylon toys that will outlast.

3. Pet Beds

As you need a mattress that supports your back and joints while sleeping, does your dog need an ideal place for restful slumber? Since many canines suffer from hip dysplasia and arthritis that cause discomfort during rest periods, a good quality pet bed will allow them to feel better while living happier lives!

Even if your dog prefers sleeping on your couch or favorite chair, providing them with their bed is sure to give them someplace they can call home and prevents them from sleeping on your furniture, saving time cleaning up all that fur!

The ideal pet beds should offer soft, comfortable surfaces made from materials resistant to chewing and scratching and will also be odor-resistant to maintain freshness for longer. Some even feature waterproof liners to safeguard mattresses and foam layers against accidental accidents.

There is a wide selection of pet beds on the market to meet every budget and style, from basic fiber fill to orthopedic memory foam or cooling gel. Some come with nesting features, while others feature raised edges to offer support and security for your furry friend.

Before selecting the ideal pet bed for your pup, consult a veterinarian. They could point you towards one that meets their unique health conditions, such as arthritis or joint problems. A suitable bed will also be easy to maintain while being odor-resistant and fitting perfectly into your home decor.

4. Pet Accessories

Pet parents work hard to give their four-legged friends a luxurious life. While we may assume sustainability is at the forefront when selecting these high-end accessories, a recent survey conducted by PETS International and Yummypets among pet owners in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the US suggests otherwise; instead, when asked to rank criteria affecting purchasing decisions of accessories from PETS International/Yummypets surveys among these countries revealed sustainability came in third-from-last among their priorities; instead parents prioritize quality/durability/affordable prices and well-designed accessories when making decisions regarding purchasing decisions among other criteria influencing buying decisions rather than sustainability being prioritized when making purchase decisions.

5. Pet Supplies

At your pet care business, clients want to know that you use only high-quality products and services for grooming sessions or dog boarding kennels. Brand-name toys, food, and supplies help build trust while creating an overall positive customer experience – Plus, by including these items as point-of-sale items in your store, it will quickly increase sales and boost your bottom line!

EBPP is one of the premier pet supply companies available, providing premium pet products that support happier and healthier lives for pets. From freeze-dried raw dog food toppers to spray deterrents made with all-natural ingredients free from chemicals or additives, their selection offers something to fit every need for happy pet ownership.

An esteemed pet supply company, Wellness offers wet and dry foods for nutritionally dense dogs. Their pet foods contain natural ingredients like real chicken, beef, brown rice, and vegetables, along with antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies; trainers and veterinarians frequently praise these wholesome, nourishing treats that have garnered an immense following among pet parents.

West Paw is another prominent pet supply company known for creating stylish yet interactive toys made of sustainable materials for dogs of various breeds. Their brands align perfectly with customers who prioritize sustainability – setting you apart from other boarding facilities!

Keep food and water bowls, pet litter, and sanitary products in mind as part of your pet supplies list. Choose eco-friendly options made of plant-based materials for easier cleanup; for instance, stainless steel bowls make cleaning simple without harboring bacteria, while collapsible pet water bowls allow your clients to take them on trips easily.