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A Google Pixel Phone Review


Whether you’re looking to purchase your first smartphone or you’ve had a phone for a while and are looking to upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the Pixel. With a high-resolution display, a stellar camera, and a long battery life, it’s a phone that will meet your needs. However, there’s a lot to consider before you decide to make the switch.

Battery life

Despite its high-end specs, the battery life on the Google Pixel 6 is not as impressive as the competition. In fact, it is almost two hours behind the Pixel 6 Pro.

If you are having battery problems with your Pixel phone, Google recommends you try a battery reset. This will reset your phone’s hardware and software and can get it working again. You may need to reset your device after installing a new Android update, too.

You can also improve your Pixel phone’s battery life by limiting the background activities that run in the background. This will allow you to enjoy your phone more without worrying about running out of battery. You can also turn off vibrations, live wallpapers, and screen brightness.


Using the display on your Pixel phone is one of the best ways to connect with the world. There are several features to help you customize your Pixel’s screen and get the most out of your phone.

The first is the always-on display feature. The feature works by showing the time and some basic information. You can also choose to show weather and other interactive features when the screen is on.

The Pixel 6 also has an Adapted display mode. The screen will scale up to give you smooth scrolling. It also offers 800 nits of maximum brightness for HDR content. It is bright enough to use outdoors in direct sunlight.


Those who have owned a Pixel phone know they’re one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. It may not be as powerful as the iPhone 13 or Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the Pixel’s computational photography kept up with bigger image sensors for low-light capture.

Google Pixel phones use machine learning and algorithms to achieve a more accurate and seamless imaging experience. The cameras are powerful enough to capture photos and videos with noise and motion blur in low light, which is something other smartphones can’t do.

Google Pixel cameras also use software-powered video stabilization. In addition, they have an exclusive feature called Macro Focus. This feature automatically starts macro focus when you’re close to the subject.

Price tag

Earlier this week, Google announced the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It’s now available for purchase from numerous retailers. It’s the company’s flagship phone for 2020. Unlike most flagships from rival companies, it’s available at a competitive price.

Google has always been a champion for affordable devices. This is evident in the company’s Pixel “a” series, which is targeted towards those who can’t afford the flagship. The Pixel “a” series doesn’t have the same hardware or software innovations as its flagship counterpart, but it does offer an excellent camera.

Google announced its Pixel 3a and 3a XL in May. It was the first time the company had lowered the price of a smartphone for this generation. Its lower price was a win for Google because it helped the company rebound after a poor sales performance.

Glass treatment

Using a glass treatment on your Pixel Phone helps prevent scratches and scuffs from developing on your screen. Using quality tempered glass is a good idea because it helps restore the original color of your screen while preventing accidental bumps and scratches.

The best-tempered glass screen protectors come with a durable oleophobic coating, which repels oil and dirt. It should also deflect fingerprints. These coatings also reduce glare, which can cause blurred vision, dry eyes, and premature eye aging.

ZAGG is a leading manufacturer of tempered glass screen protectors. They offer Invisible Shield Glass+, which is the industry standard. Unlike many other screen protectors, this product is certified and tested to ensure it will protect your device from scratches and scuffs. It also features an EZ frame for easy application.


Those looking to upgrade to a new phone will want to consider the Google Pixel, a smartphone built by the company. The Pixel is a smartphone that comes with unlimited cloud storage and a Google Assistant, the latter of which can be helpful when using your phone to make calls or send texts. It also features virtual reality performance, as well as fast charging through USB Type C.

While the screen of a Pixel phone is a display of unadulterated glass, it isn’t without its quirks. For instance, the Pixel 5 boasts a screen that isn’t wirelessly charged. In addition to the display’s flaws, the phone isn’t as slim as some of its competitors, and it’s slightly larger than its predecessor.