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5 Tips for Beginners on How to Mix Hair Colors


Have you ever browsed through Pinterest thinking I love that Colour, but it’s too light and I love that Colour but it’s too ashy — I wish I could have a bit of that purple, just a little darker.

News Flash! You can.

We get it, sometimes it’s challenging to find that perfect hair color, maybe the color is too bright, too dark, or not pastel enough.

Mixing hair colors is the best way to achieve that perfect shade and hue.

Let your imaginations run wild and free and start mixing.

1. Can I mix 2 hair colors together? – Stir it up!

Mixing up hair colors together is a great way to get a more natural look.

And that might be ok! It is definitely advised to mix a little amount first to see if the colors mix well together and if there is no negative reaction.

Paradyes semi-permanent colors are fabulous for giving your hair make-up but with one problem – the color on the box is the color you’ll get.

2. Color to-conditioner ratio – Mix ‘n’ Match

For semi-permanent colors, make sure which colors are mixable together and one color shouldn’t overpower the other. For example, if you mix red and orange then you will get a shade of red only. You can even add conditioner to make pastels. Further for a pastel pink color, you can use Carola Pink with a part of the conditioner and tone down the pink.

3. How to choose layering colors? – Sunrise effect

On hair, it is easier to blend a lighter color over a darker color. Darker roots tend to stain the lighter-colored lengths and the desired designs get disrupted.

For example – If you’re planning to retouch your faded yellow hair to a brighter color, you can pink Raggiana Orange and directly apply it on, w/o having to bleach again, and can achieve the desired color.

You can also opt for a DIY ombré effect, by applying it from the lengths to root directions and creating a new look!!

4. How do you choose the Hair Colours to mix together

Pick-A-Boo Choose a primary color, which will be your main or base color. The color you’re going for will be a derivative of this. Then pick a secondary color and mix it in small amounts to obtain the desired hue.

Start by choosing your Base color

Your 1st Colour is the one you like the most, and that will create your primary base.

For example, you can choose Saxony Yellow

Then you choose your secondary color

Your secondary color should dominate which direction you want your

Your secondary Colour with yellow can be anything with a darker hue than Saxony Yellow. Like, Emerald Green, Rudra Red, Raggiana Orange, etc.

5. Steps to remember

To avoid allergic reactions, take care of the ingredients in the dyes mixed. Do a swatch text on the back of your ear or arms, before going ahead with it on your hair.

Want to change your hair color and create a vibrant new look all by yourself, hope this blog helped you!

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