My New Bathroom

first bath

One of the best parts of owning my own place is the freedom I get to let my artist juices flow however they choose. I recently finished my bathroom project that has been evolving since I first saw the terrible shape it was in.



When I first walked into what would be the first bathroom I ever I owned I was in love with the cobalt blue tiles and the pedestal sink… and that was about it. The first thing to do was paint that awful brown–who would do that to Victoria?! (the name my house chose for itself)


Now what to do with this unfinished tub. My love for pinterest guided me to find the perfect fit for my victorian. Using the help of one of my husbands workers I put my designs into reality.  


Next, what to do with the gap between the new top and the side of the tub. I ruminated on this for almost a year! And in the end, I went with my first sketches.



This time I picked up the tools and did everything myself. First thing to do was pick the tiles and then smash them


To apply the tiles I used Thin Set, and then grout. It was a messy job and dangerous job. I lost a lot of blood from all those raw edges–a new scar on my hand will always remind me of Victoria.




After lots of shaping and spunging, my creation was complete.




Now to test it out… and what do you know? I need to do more work. I was being poked and not in the way I like! A simple file will do the trick to soften any sharp edges.


Making my own designs can sometimes be a challenge because they tend to be unorthodox, but I did it–and of course there are many things I would do differently if I could do it all over. If funds were not an issue I would want a whole new bathroom with a claw foot tub but, alas I was working with what I have.

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    1. You’re pretty great too! Thank you for all the support in this project and all the others!

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