Mrs Kirkendall (Part Two) Best Christmas Ever

Christmas wreath

Well we’ve done it!

Made it through our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. The holiday season is my favorite time of the year but for some reason Christmas Day has been a struggle for me over the last few years. Same with my Birthday.  I think there was a sense of loneliness. However, I am usually not alone for those days, and yet, I still would feel depressed and alone. I think it has something to do with expectation–fulfilling childhood nostalgia.

retro santa

This year however, was magical. Really, it was.

I was so ready for the holidays this year because, last year got lost in the wedding preparations. Read more in Part One.  Thanksgiving went exactly as planned. I corralled everyone in my home all day long! We played games, cooked, drank, and watched movies. It perfectly fulfilled my memory of my childhood holidays. I think everyone had fun and didn’t feel too much like a hostage!!


Finding our tree

I was so excited for Christmas that the day after thanksgiving I made my mom and Zach come with me to pick out a tree. Honestly, I would have done it sooner if any of the lots had been open! It was the easiest Christmas tree shopping trip ever, and thats saying a lot with my mom included. She usually takes a LOT of time looking at every tree from every angle then, double checking them all before she picks one. And then, she haggles the price down! Im grateful for the skills she passed on to me, but more grateful we picked out our tree in less than a half hour!


When we got home things took a slight turn…

I found an old tree stand for free and I though “oh yeah, this is so cute and shabby chic, and free, it will be great.” Bad idea!! The problem was, Zach liked it too. So we just kept trying to make it work– me, giving my ideas on the best way to make it work, and Zach having his–It was getting tense. Its things like putting a Christmas tree in a stand that really test the strength of a marriage!


Loosing stream

As the weeks went on I think I may have started to loose Christmas steam (which is so unlike me). Zach was shocked, and I think disappointed, that I didn’t have Christmas movies and music on at ALL times. Being in Christmas mode since October will do that! However, once we reached the week of Christmas I started to gear back up. We were spending Christmas Eve at Zach’s Aunt and Uncles and Christmas Day alone; it was perfect. When we got home from the family’s house close to midnight we decided to have a couple drinks, put on a Christmas movies, and open a few presents. We had so much fun! Stayed up till 2:30am starting a new Christmas tradition. I highly recommend opening presents with a buzz, it makes every gift extra exciting, and when you get something you don’t really care for, you’re just so excited to be buzzed it doesn’t matter!



Christmas Day was more perfection.

We had no plans but to eat Chinese food! There are so many movies with Chinese food on Christmas that we thought it would be easy–but it was actually very hard to find a Chinese food place open on, but we found one! A buffet… the pickins were slim for a vegan but it worked, and Zach ate his heart out. The rest of the day was spent in comfy clothes, with a fire, playing Uncharted 4. Best Christmas Ever!





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