My First Holiday Season as Mrs Kirkendall (Part One)

first Christmas

If you read my recent DIY Heart post, you’ll know the holiday season is my favorite time of year. I am, in fact, known by some as Mrs. Christmas, and my love for this time of year became amplified when I started dating my husband four years ago, in December!  That year I found myself watching a whole lot of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and knitting because I wanted to give homemade Christmas gifts. And as my love story began to unfold, I realized Zach and I could have fit into our own little Hallmark Christmas story–we fell for each other quick and hard. Both of us finding in each other qualities we had yet to find in anyone else. Zach jokes that he knew I was the one when I could match his epic bass burps. I knew he was the one at about six weeks. We were meeting for a drink before he went off with a buddy for the night.  I got to the bar before he did, and when he walked in a very specific feeling washed over me–the feeling of home.

Fast forward to last October, and we were getting engaged and planning a February wedding. In the Redwoods. In the rain. A lot of people thought us crazy, but we thought it was perfection. I loved planning my wedding because it was small and intimate and there was not a lot of fuss. That being said, it still takes a lot of time and energy to plan a small wedding, and so my holiday season involved me shuffling here and there to the point where the season didn’t even really exist for me, and for the first time in many years I didn’t make Christmas gifts. I just sent out engagement pictures in card form like so many of us feel obligated to send when we’re too busy or lazy to find real gifts.

This year has been an amazingly fun and busy year; it didn’t really slow down until after my birthday in August, and here we are again at the holiday season.  I don’t live in a busy trick or treating neighborhood but I was there at my door with my candy just in case. I ordered some yummy vegan Halloween candy from Enjoy Life, but since I only had one trick-or-treater,  Zach and I were forced to eat all the candy ourselves. Oh, well!

As soon as Halloween was over, I pulled all my Christmas stuff out of the attic. I think essentially missing last year’s Christmas season has made me jump into this season full force, and at an earlier date than I normally do. I typically decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, Zach’s mom was coming to visit a little before Thanksgiving and my mom was arriving the Saturday before Thanksgiving, so I decided it was time to finally finish the guest room and decorate while I was at it.

This year I’ve decided to change up my decorations a little bit. I’m not going to put out too many of my campy sentimental items. Instead, I’m opting for a more chic decor.  I just love the pattern those DIY doily light orbs make on the walls. You can find a tutorial if you follow the link.

I always like to spruce up the things I already have, so I’m browsing Pinterest a lot! I came across some ideas with a milk can and tomato cages, which I had hanging around waiting to be used.

The tomato cage Christmas trees (I spray painted the cages gold cuz they were actually blue) are a little bright for the room, so after Thanksgiving I’m going to put them on the front porch. I strung 200 lights on each tree and I think they could even do for some more! Don’t mind the wire hanging in the curtain… that’s the thermostat for the gas stove that I never reinstalled on the new walls because I knew I was going to be getting a wireless one soon, except that it’s been there for two years now. Ugh! But it’s on my wishlist and I know I’m going to bite the bullet and buy one this season; there’s just so many other things I want to spend $150 bucks on! ANYWAY Thanksgiving will be at my house this year so I’m glad I got everything down and started my holiday spirit early.  I’m very excited to be hosting our first Thanksgiving as a married couple in our home with our family. And I’m always excited to cook and even more excited to try out new vegan recipes. I tend to go a bit overboard, so this year I’m going to attempt to keep it simple with the menu, but I just get so dang excited! Stay tuned for the menu. I’ll leave you with my inspiration for the table settingScreenshot_20171114-173341


I found these at Kim Power Style and you can find more of my holiday inspirations on my Holiday Pinterest Page




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