Twice Baked Potato

Twice baked potato recipe

I don’t know about you, but I love a good twice baked potato. I’ve been vegan for a little over a year and a half, so I’m still finding fun and delicious plant-based recipes to replace the animal-based recipes from my past. Early in my journey I stumbled across a YouTube channel called High Carb Hannah.  I am constantly blown away by her recipes and her story; I highly recommend you check her out. A few months ago I tried her twice baked potato recipe and loved it. There was only one thing I wanted to change and that’s to dig out more of the baked potato to make more of the new filling, because it was soooo good. In fact I have some leftovers from last night that I think I’m going to go start heating up right now!



As you can see, not only does this recipe look delicious, it doesn’t have anything in it that’s altogether bad for you. That’s one of the great reasons why eating a whole food plant-based diet is so amazing. I had some plant-based plain yogurt in the fridge that I topped my original try with. Last night I put some tofu tahini dressing, a little nutritional yeast, some Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce on top; it really took it to a new level!


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  1. Your recipe is so easy to follow! I might just have to have this be our starch side this xmas. Thank you!

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