Reusable Grocery Bags

I have been using reusable grocery bags of some sort for quite a long time; I’m going to say going on 10 + years. I could never stand the idea of contributing to all the plastic polluting our environment for no good reason. Over the years, I’ve collected multiple bags from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s or festivals and they’ve come in all different shapes and sizes. Last year I saw an ad on some social media outlet for these Modern Day Living reusable grocery bags. They looked interesting so I put them on my wish list and my parents got them for me for my birthday.

I’ve used them a few times and everyone at the checkout stand is so impressed when I bring them in. They’re a little bulkier than I’m used to, and by bulkier I mainly mean wider, because they have rods that have to sit across the shopping cart. They roll up nicely and I can just throw them in the back of my car for storage. I do like how these bags have mesh bottoms, and one even has a foil liner for your cold items.  They fit great in most shopping carts,  but they can be a little too deep for some, although that doesn’t really hinder their use much.


What I love most about them is their convenience.  A Velcro attachment allows you to roll them up together so you don’t have a bunch of loose bags in your car or in your shopping cart. When you unroll the reusable  bags they easily open up to perfection inside of your cart. They come in different sizes, too, so it’s kind of like packing boxes–you have to be mindful not to overload the biggest bag with heavy items. All in all, I give these Modern Day Living reusable grocery bags an A+.

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